Mike Hitt is famous for his role as creator and manufacturer of MCM Studios, a Recording Studio in Pittsburgh, PA; open since 2011. Hitt (Mike) is famous for developing and educating unsigned/indie ability as an exceptionally skilled executive producer and engineer. Periodically, Hitt releases his own self-produced names and paths as a shining exam… Read More

There can be little doubt that music downloads really are the way of the future when it comes to purchasing songs and albums. For that reason, it really does pay for everyone to have at least a basic understanding of how it works. The tips and guidance below can prove extremely useful in that regard.An inexpensive way to download music is to follow… Read More

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People listing to music on tablets and MP3 players is a common sight everywhere today. How do they get music on these devices? By getting it downloaded, of course! The article below will help you gain understanding about music downloads.Always make sure that you download your music from a legal website. If you download music illegally, you can face… Read More

The Rap Beats and Rap Instrumental Game is forever changing and for 2017, we're right on track with the genre's. He has collaborated on songs with such prominent artists as Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. I usually talk about drops in most of my other songs where I usually leave a gap and let something play on, but with this beat, the intro … Read More